Earn Easter Calories – Spin Class at Flywheel






Flywheel Boston was running a promotion on Easter Sunday that if you were in a class that day, you had a chance to win a 10 class pass.  That was all the push I need to sign up for a 10 AM class.

The MBTA was running a little slower than I’d have liked, so I had a quick pre-spin class sprint through the Prudential Center to get to the class on time. (oops)

My legs were a little tired from running a 5K the prior day, so I didn’t push myself, but I’m still glad I attended. The workout earned me 2 of 6 Weight Watchers activity points I’d earn by the end of the day. (Which I appreciate on a holiday weekend so I don’t worry about splurging on some foods I only get to try over holidays – like my Great Grandmothers “potato pie” recipe.)

I didn’t win the 10 class pass, but that was OK.

The Prudential Center is very close to the Boston Marathon finish line, so I walked there after class, earning some good karma by helping some lost tourists on the way. (The day before the Marathon, Boston has a bunch of race related out of town guests.) I also grabbed some items to bring to the 2 Easter dinner parties I’d be attending later that day at the Trader Joes on Boylston Street.

It’s a wicked fun atmosphere in that part of Boston so close to the marathon. Even the air feels full of excited anticipation!



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