Anticipating Race Day for BAA 5K & Boston Marathon 2013 reflections


I’m wicked excited to be running the B.A.A. 5K on Saturday morning. B.A.A. is the organization that puts on the Boston Marathon.

The race has been getting a little bit more attention than it usually does, because a team of runners will be a part of it, raising money for the Foundation for the Richard family (Boston Marathon victims – 7 year old Martin died,  7 year old Jane lost a leg, Mom – Denise – lost vision in her right eye from shrapnel, Dad – Bill – has hearing damage and shrapnel wounds, and 11 year old Henry escaped the shrapnel but has to live with what he witnessed). The Boston Globe has written 2 articles on the Richard Family that I highly recommend: Part 1 – For Richard family, loss and love & Part 2 – For Richard family, finding strength.

I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time with the 1 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, so running in the BAA 5K is my own way of being “Boston Strong”. My friend (and Boston marathon 2014 runner) Jess L. will be at a water stop at mile 1 so it will be nice to see her!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday (just a check up) and I thanked my doctor for seeing me last year on April 15. You see, I was her last appointment of the day before the bombing occurred. I hadn’t gone into Boston to cheer my friends who were running the race for charity because I had that afternoon doctor’s appointment in Chestnut Hill. I remember hearing some odd reports on the radio as I drove home from the appointment and calling my husband to say, “Turn on the TV and tell me what’s going on. I think something bad just happened at the marathon.”

Once I returned home, I helped track where the runners for the nonprofit I work for were. (They were all safe but one really scared us because he didn’t check in with us till a day after the attack. He was near the finish when it happened. so he saw it. His phone was in a bag that he’d checked before the marathon and it took him a day to get the phone back and charged.)

I cried and hoped that I didn’t know anyone who was hurt. Social media was a great savior that day. Friends who were running were all OK. Some had been stopped before finishing. One friend’s last picture posted to Facebook was them watching the marathon at the finish line. Thankfully, the friend left minutes before the bombing. She still gets chills thinking of that day and how close she was to evil.

Everyone who lived in MA walked around in a fog for at least a week after the attacks.

But we united quickly to support the victims, donating to One Fund Boston and shouting “Boston Strong”.

And Monday, the Boston Marathon will be run again, with a bigger field of runners than ever before. I’ll be working from home, watching TV coverage of the race, and tracking my friends who are running.


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