2 Bootcamp Saturday – #2 Barry’s Bootcamp Boston


When I heard Jessica, the blogger of Little Miss Runshine, had secured some free spots in a Barry’s Bootcamp Boston class for herself and some other bloggers, I had to grab one of the spots. I knew this would mean I’d have 2 bootcamp classes in 1 day, but I’m not one to pass on a free fitness class.

So, I headed home after my Ultimate Bootcamp workout that same morning to shower, change into new work out clothes, and grab a quick lunch, before heading to the “T” to get to the class.

Finding Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston was easy. It’s in downtown crossing, near the CVS & Macy’s.

I didn’t know what to expect at all, so I was happy that the class was inside, and there were nice locker rooms. You don’t need to bring your own lock for the lockers. They’re the kind you lock with a code you select. (Awesome for me, since the one thing I forget most when going to a fitness class is a lock.)

Our instructor for the class was Chad, and he was humorous as he told the class what to do. “This isn’t yoga class ladies. No butts in the air!” “We’ve got a sexy group in here today!”

The class is split in half – with half starting on treadmills and the other half using floor mats and weights for exercises. The attendees then switch places throughout the class, when told to.

I started out on the treadmill and was happy I got in 2 miles before the class was over. I was already spent before the class began, because of my work out class that morning, so I was not setting my treadmill to the speed and incline Chad asked us to, but I was OK with that.

I was totally lost when it came to the floor exercises. I’m not a good visual mimic anyway, but a lot of the time I couldn’t see the instructor demoing the moves before we were asked to do them, so I’d wait till the person in front of me started doing something and would try to copy her.

The room the class was held in was very hot so I was dripping with sweat and very hot by the time class was ending. At about 10 minutes before class was scheduled to end, I started feeling faint. I sat for a few minutes and then left the class to head to the locker room. I didn’t want Jessica or the other bloggers to worry about me, so I got my stuff and waited to meet them after the class.

Here’s a picture of the blogger group, and our instructor, post class:


After I got home, I went to visit my in-laws. My Mother-in-law asked me what I’d done today, and I told her I was a little tired from 2 bootcamp classes. She replied, “Now what have you learned? Perhaps you should stick to 1 bootcamp class in a day!” Got to love family. 🙂 


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