2 Bootcamp Saturday – #1 Ultimate Bootcamp


On Saturday at 9 AM, I was on the Boston Common ready for a great work out from Ultimate BootcampThis class was a fundraiser for One Fund Boston.

I’ve taken Ultimate Bootcamp classes before – outside in Copley Square in November & just recently (3/23) inside at Watertown Mall. Peter was our trainer for both those classes, and they were great!

Saturday, our trainer was Kim. She had a tough program planned, but I enjoyed it. The weather cooperated and it was 65 degrees on Boston common. I was working out, outside, in a tee shirt and capri length work out pants! What a nice change from the seemingly never ending cold weather we’ve been having this year in MA.

It felt great to do good (donation) and get an hour long work out in Sunday morning.

The common was muddy, so when I got home I was a muddy mess (from bear crawling across a field or sit ups on the mud, probably). My husband was amused and took this after photo of my arms:


So Kim was a good instructor, but I’m pretty sure she mistook me for a “girly girl” and made fun of my nails being manicured when she walked by me, saying “just got a manicure yesterday”. (Actually, I got a manicure on Monday. Miniluxe & OPI gel nail polish rock! The nail polish lasts for at least 2 weeks, and it’s extremely chip resistant.) This made me laugh, because I’ve only recently even tried to look stylish. In high school, I was the girl who looked like she just rolled out of bed, usually wearing a bandanna (with a sheet music design) on my head to hide my hair.

So, I guess all this working out has changed my shape enough that I’m mistaken for someone who’s cared about fashion all her life. I didn’t expect that change, but I’ll roll with it!



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