Another Good Weight Loss Week

Yesterday was another good weight loss week. When I weighted in at my Weight Watchers meeting I’d lost 1.8 for the week, bringing me to 25.8 pounds lost total.

Here’s hoping this means I’m busting through my plateau and the weight loss will continue steadily. (The loss then gain with no explanation pattern of the previous 4 months has been making me a little crazy.)

I’m sticking with my fitness activities, am tracking both food and activity points and am keeping hopeful.

My progress for the last 4 weeks is looking good:


I’ve had a new leader for the last 2 weeks of Weight Watchers meetings. I feel bad, because the person who normally leads the meetings is going through some health issues and needed to take time off. But I seem to gel better with the new leader’s meeting style and I joked with the receptionist that I better keep losing weight when the previous leader returns because the leader change is the only difference I can figure out on my weight loss journey.

We’ve moved on from the monthly routine focusing on activity and now are on to evaluating if a food is “worth it” to you points wise. I really like Weight Watchers because I never feel deprived. I can go out with friends for dinner and drinks and still lose weight. The key is planning for it and either saving my extra points for the week for that meal or/and using activity points I’ve earned to offset the meal.


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