Cardio Dance Fusion 4/3

Thanks again to the Sweet Green Passport program, the evening on 4/3 brought me to Equinox in Boston for a Cardio Dance Fusion class lead by Ali.

I had a great time and a fun work out!

I’m uncoordinated but I still was able to mostly follow along for the 1/2 hour dance portion of the class. I especially enjoyed jumping to “Jump Around”! (Working out can and should be fun!)

The 2nd half of the class was pilates though. I’ve never done pilates before, so I was hopelessly lost – but still trying. We were on mats but when you’re lying down you can’t see the instructor at the front of the room to see what to do. Oh well though! I moved as best I could to finish a workout.

The instructor, Ali, was super motivating so I hope I have an opportunity to attend some future work outs lead by her.

I earned 2 Weight Watchers activity points from the class. (And I skipped the campaign that was offered after class – since I didn’t want to drink and replace the calories I’d just burned.)

I’ll share photos from the night when they’re posted.

Here’s a photo montage Ali shared on her Facebook page from the class:


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