Good Weight Loss Day

It’s no secret that I’ve been frustrated lately that my weight loss with Weight Watchers has stalled lately.

Today, I lost 1.4 pounds – which I’m hoping means I’m back on track to bust through this plateau pattern.

Below is my progress report for the last 4 weeks.


I’m OK with the fact that I’m at the same place weight loss wise as I was 4 weeks ago.

It’s much better than the 2.2 pounds up I was for the month when I last shared a progress report on this blog (3/18).

I also got my “live life active” charm today – for competing my March activity challenge. I like scheduling fitness into my life, so the WW activity challenge gave me even more motivation to do so than usual.

I wish that keeping my activity level high had correlated to weight loss every week – but I’m taking a “you can’t change the past, only the future” stance on that one and am trying to move forward with positivity.

Tonight is my last Social Boston Sports soccer game for this league, and I’m looking forward to it.


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