Spin at Pursuit Boston

On Saturday, I attended a spin class organized by Little Miss Runshine at Pursuit Boston.

As luck would have it, I was greeted at the studio by the most adorable dog in the world – Mr. Bo Jangles.


As I walked over to pet him, I said my day was made and I didn’t need to take the spin class. (I’m a dog lover but my condo doesn’t allow pets. I’ve been known to take a walk through the Boston Public Garden just hoping to see a dog that is friendly enough to pet.)

Our spin class was free, but when I looked up from petting Mr. Bo Jangles, I noticed this sign:



We lost 2 Boston firefighters this week in a terrible blaze in the Back Bay area of Boston. One was 33 years old. He’d been a first responder at the Boston Marathon bombing last year, and I was training to run the Boston Marathon this year, in honor of the victims. The other was a 44 year old father with 3 kids under the age of 10. By all accounts they were 2 of the kindest men in the world.

I have an uncle who’s a MA firefighter so the news of losing 2 in our own state hit me hard. I made a donation at Pursuit to the memorial fund set up for the families of both of these brave men.

Anyway, on to the class description!

I’ll post group photos from the class when I receive them.

Here’s a pre-workout photo of the whole group:


My thoughts during the class were, “I’m still not a spinning fan, but I no longer think all spin should be relegated to a circle of hell.”

The instructor was very engaging and it was a great work out. (By the end of the day – with this class, a little walking, and dancing at a concert – I earned 5 WW activity points.)

I’m still a spin newbie, so I’m glad I wore a pair of padded cycling pants, to lessen the pain from a bike seat. I’m still a little sore today, but I’m sure that would be much worse if I wore regular work out pants.

Thank you to Pursuit for hosting us!

If I ever get into spinning, I’d consider coming back to this studio – especially because it often hosts fundraisers for nonprofits, and I love working out while funding good! (My next 2 workouts with donations to a nonprofit will be 4/5 at an Autism Speak spin-a-thon and Ultimate Bootcamp 4/12 to benefit One Fund Boston.)


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