Love Letter to Boston


Boston, I love you.

You’re the place where I run, the place I train to do better, the place I take fitness classes, the place I am always inspired by.

Today, I took a spin class near Copley Square. (I’ll write a separate post about that later.)

For those who don’t know Boston, Copley Square is near the Boston Marathon finish line. The street I walked on to get to the spin class, Boylston Street, is the same street the bombing last year occurred on.

All over Boston, the banners above are displayed on street posts, in honor of the upcoming Boston Marathon.

“We run together”

It’s true. I train for my 5Ks alongside a marathon runner. Even if you’re not running the Boston Marathon, you’re with the runners in spirit.

I love MA, and the city of Boston. I’m proud of the years I lived there, and am glad I still live close enough to visit the city multiple times a week.

Boston is a city of people who love to stay fit, despite our New England weather patterns working against us. It’s a city of people who embrace bettering yourself – be it getting out of bed for your 1st November project workout, off the couch in a couch to 5K program, or setting a personal record in a marathon. It’s an amazingly supportive place.

Local songwriter Michelle Lewis recently released Marathon tribute video for her new single. A bunch of my friends who are running the Boston Marathon this year are extras in the video, as well as the famous running team of Rick & Dick Hoyt. I highly suggest you watch the video. You’ll cry tears of joy.


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