3 WW Activity Point Tuesday Night

Tuesday night was busy for me.

I’m President of the networking group Boston Women Communicators. Last night was our March meeting, featuring Boston Globe columnist Robin Abrahams as our guest speaker.

I parked my car in the Boston Common Garage and walked to our Commonwealth Avenue meeting location – the College Club of Boston.

I was able to stay to hear just the beginning of Robin’s presentation, before I had to leave to get to my Social Boston Sports soccer game.

I arrived at the soccer game just after the half, and I was confused. The league is sponsored by Chipotle, and they had sent cheerleaders to the game to cheer us on. It was odd to walk in and see them, and a sign “Go Free Agents 3!”.

Our team is still not winning, but we’re having fun. If the rest of the team signs up for another SBS soccer league, I’d join too. (Our last game for this league is next week.)

When I returned home that night and plugged in my Weight Watchers Active Link, I’d earned 3 points.


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