Ultimate Bootcamp – 3/23


On Sunday morning, I participated in an awesome free boot camp style work out from Ultimate Bootcamp.

It was a great work out and I’m so glad that me and my friend Jess L attended!

I’ve worked out with Peter from Ultimate Bootcamp before, as part of the Sweetgreen Passport program, back on November 21st. (11/21 recap – reading the recap makes me realize I’ve been fighting the same weight loss plateau for over 4 months now – which is pretty frustrating.)

The cool thing about the work out on Sunday was, I could definitely feel a change in my own fitness level. I couldn’t do all the exercises that were asked of me during the November work out, and I remember feeling exhausted and slow when I ran “suicide” sprints. Yesterday, I was smiling as I sprinted. (Thanks Jess for all your time running with me! There’s no way I would have improved without your coaching.)

I was very happy to spend my morning working out. I actually view exercise as fun now (especially group classes).

My legs are sore today – but I figure that just means I actually worked the muscles on Sunday,

Here’s a post workout photo of Jess, Peter, and me:



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