Pissed Off About Plateaus!

My Weight Watchers meeting and weight in day is Tuesdays, and I’ve just returned from my meeting. I was expecting a big loss. What I got instead was over a pound and a half gain!

For me, what’s so frustrating about this is not knowing what to change to snap back to losing weight. I’m frustrated that I’d lost 25 pounds total and now I’m down to 23 lost! I can accept delayed results on a scale, if I know what’s working with my routines and what isn’t.

Here’s a monthly snapshot of my WW tracking for food and activity:


I’ve tracked my food every day (and stayed within my daily food points values, along with the 49 points we’re given every week to use how we see fit).

I’ve upped my activity level! 22 Activity Points earned last week and 15 earned this week.

I’m sharing here, because this is a normal – annoying – part of weight loss.

The point of this blog is to share my whole journey – days when I feel like I’m moving backwards, days where I crush personal records, and the days in between.


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