11 Weight Watchers Activity Point Weekend & Cambridge 5K Craicfest

This weekend was great for activity.

My husband & I took the subway to Cambridgeside Galleria for me to pick up my bib and tee shirt for the Cambridge 5K Craicfest.

Then, since the weather was a spring like 50 degrees, we took a long walk from Cambridgeside Galleria to Harvard Square. (Not as long on paper for a direct route, but we got a little lost. Oops.) The walk earned me 6 WW Activity Points.

On Sunday was the Cambridge 5K Craicfest. I had a great time & earned 5 WW Activity Points for the run. I didn’t set a PR (the wind and cold were brutal) but I still had fun.

This race felt like my circles of friends and family were colliding (and that’s good)! My brother ran with me. I ran on Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders team Slumbrew. I also saw my friend Heather (my mentor when I worked for Weight Watchers), and my friend/coach Jess L. ran too (then ran to Davis Square to get in another 5K race!).

I was hoping to finish in under 40 minutes, but I finished in 43. I’m looking ahead to improving my time for my April 5k(s).

Here’s some photos from Cambridge 5K Craicfest:


My brother and me.

Notice our different race strategies… I crazy layer….he runs in shorts & a tee shirt…..and he kicks butt and crushes the race in under 30 minutes. (I’m jealous!)

And my brother made me tear up when he replied to the comment above on Facebook saying, “Remember this post when you’re crushing 10k’s and I’m struggling to keep up” I’m so psyched my brother came down from Lowell to run the race. It was great to see him! (I’m the older one.)


Me & Dani – meeting her for the first time in “real life” but I’m a long time fan of her blog

ImageRace start – look for my pink jacket & my brother is beside me


Finishing strong


3 thoughts on “11 Weight Watchers Activity Point Weekend & Cambridge 5K Craicfest

  1. Great job, Danielle!!! I know you will break 40 when the weather warms, and the wind is at your back!! I am so so so glad I was able to catch up with you for a few after the race!! Hope you guys were able to enjoy so post race drinks!! xoxo

    • No post race drinks for us because the volunteer at the gate was being a pain and wouldn’t let my husband get a wristband. (I actually e-mailed the race organizers about it, because if I missed an option to buy him a party pass at registration, it’s my fault. Otherwise – I wasn’t drinking since I don’t like beer anyway, so the beer I earned for running on the Slumbrew team could have been given to Dave with no problem. Dave offered to wait in the food court while my brother & I went to the party, but we didn’t want him waiting for us.)

    • And there are no official photos of me from the race photographers since they went to the party instead of taking pictures of the runners who took longer than 30 minutes to finish – so it’s good that my husband was there to take pictures for me!

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