SBS Soccer 3/11

I had a fun time at Social Boston Sports soccer league last night.

The game was at 10 PM (which was tough since that’s usually my work night bedtime) but that’s the last game that’s scheduled that late for our team. Most games are at a much more reasonable 7 PM.

Now, my soccer skills are still awkward, but I was pretty good at using my body to block the ball last night (and I have bruises on my leg and arm to prove it). Despite being sore this morning, I was happy that I at least contributed positively to the game and I’m not afraid of being hit by the ball anymore.

Our team lost again, but we played hard and it was a close game. (Tied 2-2 at the half!) My husband made me laugh when I got home saying “your team is un-undefeated” to try to cheer me up.

Next Tuesday, 3/18, all the women on our team cannot make the game due to work conflicts. If you’re a women in MA who’d like to sub for the night to keep our team from getting disqualified from not having at least 1 women on the field, I’d love to hear from you. The games are played at Boston Athletic Club in South Boston.

The teammates are very friendly, and you’ll have a great time. (And, if you really like it, we’re down 1 woman on our team who just never showed up, so we could arrange for a permanent spot on our team for you.)


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