Weight Loss Update

My weight watchers meeting was today, and I lost 0.6 pounds this week. (Yippee! Back on track!)

I’m expecting a bigger loss next week, because it seems like it can take a week for my fitness activities to impact the scale.

But, my body shape has definitely changed to make me look leaner. Clothes fit better & I feel better!

Last night, at the BollyX work out, a friend who hadn’t seen me in a few months (but knew I was losing weight) told me I “look fabulous!”

When I saw my parents and Grandmother this weekend, I hadn’t even taken off my jacket yet when my Dad said, “How you doing skinny?!” It made me laugh.

Even when the scale doesn’t show weight loss immediately after a week of eating well and working out, I know it’s causing positive changes.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. Awesome job on your weightloss and your #NSV’s!!! I have been in a snag bouncing around in the same 3 pounds…boo! LOL! Congrats! This is awesome!

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