Fighting Daylight Savings Time with 2 Work Outs on Monday Night

Last night, I decided to be a little nutty, and run 3 miles as part of the Cambridge 5K fun run, then head to a Yelp Boston sponsored class at BollyX. It was pretty fun, and I ended up earning 10 Weight Watchers activity points for the night. (Now that’s living life active!)

I ran with Jess & Alan. The course was nice, taking us by some pretty views in the park near the Museum of Science. (The last time I was there was for photos before my friends Marina & Mike’s wedding.) I’m looking forward to the Cambridge 5K Craicfest race on Sunday.

Here’s a photo Alan took during the run:

Cambridge 5K Fun RunIt’s great to live near such pretty running/walking paths. I love the Zakim bridge and it’s pretty design. It’s the bridge I drive over to get from Boston to my home in Quincy.

After the run, I had 2 glasses of water, and headed to Central Square for BollyX. I timed it perfectly, and was able to change into a short sleeve shirt before the class. (I forgot to change from my running sweatpants to the capri work out pants I brought, but oh well.)

It was a fun class with some great Boston Yelp reviewers! The instructors remembered me from my class with Just Us Gals and told me they noticed improvement in my moves. (I still can’t dance, but I wasn’t as badly off on the moves as I was in the 1st class.) Hopefully pictures don’t show me moving right when I should have been moving left or something. Regardless, I still had fun.


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