Healthworks Cardio Sport Class 3/6

On Thursday night, I joined the Healthworks Back Bay Boston Cardio Sport class as part of the Sweet Green Passport program.

It was an intense work out – running, jumping jacks, bear crawls, squats, soccer ball stuff, and high stepping through cones.

The instructors were upbeat and helpful.

I had a cold though, so the congestion in my head combined with lots of quick up down head movement made me a bit dizzy. I ended up leaving the class a little early, but still earned 1 Weight Watchers activity point for my 1/2 hour work out.

I don’t think this is a class I’d try again because I have a horible time being a visual mimic, so something that is simple for others (like going around cones in a certain way) takes me way too long to figure out. (It’s a spacial relations thing. I also am not the person you ever want helping you try to pack a car. Tetris like problem solving makes me physically ill.)

But, I’m happy I tried the class, and it was great to see Rachel from Sweet Green again, and my friend Jessie too!

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