Wednesday Night Run with Jess & Alan


On Wednesday night, I got in a 3 mile run along the Charles river in Boston, with Jess & Alan.

The run started late, because I was caught in 40 minutes of traffic not moving at all due to the Presidential motorcade coming through. (President Obama was in MA fundraising.) Once the standstill of traffic just 2 miles from my exit hit 30 minutes, I texted Jess “do you want to cancel running tonight? I don’t know how much longer I’ll be stuck here.” “We will run!” responded Jess.

Jess was running late too, stuck in a different portion of traffic from the highway being stopped for the motorcade, so it ended up working out. I was able to buy a pair of running tights to add an extra layer to my outfit because it was pretty cold. (8 degrees)

My GPS watch couldn’t find my location, so I gave up searching and just decided to enjoy the run. I think it was my best pace for a 5K ever. I definitely ran more than I ever have (interspersed with some walking, while my lungs yelled at me for running in the cold).

Jess & Alan were wonderful running partners, encouraging me to push myself. I learned to “always use a hill” by running down it – no matter what. When we got to the Mass Ave bridge, Jess challenge me to run the whole way without stopping. All I heard in my head was “there is no try, only do” (which I know is not the real quote but I haven’t even seen the Star Wars movies, so I’m not going for accuracy). I laughed because right when I was starting to doubt if I’d make it, Alan says, “Get out of your head. Don’t listen. You can do this!”

I was very proud of myself for keeping up a running/jogging pace for longer than I ever have before.

Once the weather turns warmer and we don’t have ice and cold air to worry about, I figure I can only improve!


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