Realizing Your Body Is Changing

I don’t keep the fact that I follow Weight Watchers much of a secret.

I’ve lost 25 pounds since I joined Christmas week 2012, and I have 25 more to go to get to my goal weight. (I know this is possible, because I lost 41 pounds following Weight Watchers in 2007 and I used to work for them as a Leader.)

Now, I’ve gone down 2 sizes since I started losing weight, but I didn’t notice the big difference I now have in my shape…until yesterday.

It’s also no secret that I’m not a morning person. In rushing to get ready for work yesterday morning (and start my 1.5 hour one way commute) I grabbed a favorite blouse of mine.

Now, this blouse sticks in my head as a favorite, because it’s color and pattern remind me of the logo of the nonprofit I work for. I even wore it to a volunteer recruitment fair at UMass Medical School in Worcester in 2013. (That same volunteer fair is coming up next week, and I’ll be back staffing it.)


Me, staffing a table at 2013 volunteer fair

Anyway, I was swimming in that blouse yesterday and it shocked me. Intellectually, I knew I was losing weight and getting leaner looking from working out. But, weight loss with Weight Watchers is purposely slow. Small changes make the gradual weight loss sustainable!

It took accidentally wearing a blouse from my starting point and seeing how it looked on me now, to make the how far I’ve come feel real to me.

I know other friends who’ve lost weight say they still see their former bigger sized self when they look in the mirror, instead of seeing what they’ve become. I think the blouse being grabbed out of the closet was a wake up call to me to celebrate my 1/2 way point, and how far I’ve come.

Today, I’m wearing skinny jeans that I purchased at a thrift store a few months ago that didn’t fit when I bought them (women’s clothing sizing is nuts), a rockin’ pair of boots that have heels that are at least 3 inches, and a blouse that is form fitting – not hiding my shape.

ImageTerrible selfie taken today

I’m proud of my change into someone who is actively embracing change, and achieving weight loss in a positive way.

Have any of you had a similar “wow” moment?


2 thoughts on “Realizing Your Body Is Changing

  1. That selfie is nothing short of wonderful! I loved this entry! You are so dedicated to your health and fitness, and a true inspiration! You look amazing and I love following your progress! Keep up the GREAT work, Danielle! <3<3<3

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