Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K

One of my favorite bloggers, Dani, from Weight Off My Shoulders is hosting a virtual 5K as part of her fundraising for the Boston Marathon “Tedy’s Team“.

Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K participants register for the race (which is a $25 donation to the American Stroke Association) and then run 5K on their own between February 9 and February 16.

Last night, I joined Jess L. for a run, and brought my Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K race bib to make it official.

It was very cold last night when we ran by the Charles river, so it definitely slowed our pace to a walk, but we did it!

Here’s a picture my husband took of me when I returned home after the run. (You can’t see it well, but I turned Dani example bib  into “Danielle”)

Stop Stroke

I’m very proud to support Dani’s fundraising!  You can donate too at the Stop Stroke Shuffle link above!

I’m looking forward to meeting her in person when I run the Cambridge 5K on her team in March.

(Dani & I have a few overlapping friends. She’s a Weight Watchers Leader in Boston and I used to work for Weight Watchers in 2008. I stayed in touch with a few people that are her co-workers. Her weight loss & fitness journey inspire me. I wish I worked closer to the meetings she leads, so she could be my Weight Watchers leader.)


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