Super Sunday 5K – 2/2


Super Sunday 5KHere’s me pre-race. There was some great swag for signing up early – long sleeve shirt, hat, and gloves!

I had a great time running in the RACE Cancer Super Sunday 5K on Sunday in Kendall Square, Cambridge.

Thanks to the Social Boston Sports running nights, I felt strong and I ended up setting a personal record! My chip time was 40:56 with a 13:10 pace/mile! That makes a 3 minute & 54 second improvement over the Frozen 5K. WOO-HOO!

I was feeling so strong, that I had a very funny exchange with another (friendly) runner on the course. I saw my friend Jessie running and shouted hi to her and team Luna Chicks. This was the point of the course where both the 5 mile & 5K runners were back together, for about the last mile of the course. I also shouted that I was on my way to crushing my previous 5K time. (I was probably a little loud, because I’m like that anyway – without a runners high.) Another female runner, that I thought at the time was one of Jessie’s teammates (but Jessie said she wasn’t) was wearing headphones when I was excitedly exclaiming. She took out her headphones to look at me and say, “I have no idea what you just said, but you look very happy!”.

Happy I was! When my friend Jess L. told me that we’d shave 4 minutes off of my time to run a 5K by the end of January, I thought that was a big goal. I was super shocked but ecstatic when I peered at my GPS watch and saw it was a real possibility! I was running the fastest miles I’ve ever run!

Then, at about a 1/2 mile from finishing the race, I started to feel sore. Guess who showed up at that exact moment to tap me on the shoulder?! Jess! She was running the 5 mile course, but she’d hurt herself training for the Boston Marathon on Heartbreak Hill the previous day, so her pace was way down from her usual stride. (As long as she recovers OK, I’ll say that worked out for me!)

Jess got me going to the finish line of the race. She literally grabbed my arm, and locked elbows with me for the last 2 tenths of a mile, and practically pulled me in to the finish.

At about a 10th of of mile to go, Alan and Marcus joined us to help me finish and cheer me on. (They’d both already finished their 5 mile course, but knew I was working my way through the 5K.)

I have to say, having such a supportive community of runners has made this experience amazing. I’m quite blessed to have such kind souls looking out for me!

Since I set a PR for overall time, my husband Dave wasn’t at the finish line to snap a photo like he usually is, but I’m hopeful that the race photographers got a shot of all 4 of us crossing the finish line.

Super Sunday 5K Me and AlanDave did get a photo of me and Alan post race


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