Intro to Box-Fit with George Foreman III

The Club

On Saturday, I took a free “Intro to Box-Fit with George Foreman III” class thanks to Sweet Green Passport program. It took place at his new gym in South Boston, The Club.

The gym was nice, with a beautiful locker room and plenty of room for different types of activities for working out.

Our Intro to Box-Fit class was mostly circuit training. We started with some stretches and then jumped right in. I began at the speed bag (picture below). Then, I moved to doing squats with ropes. (That felt like being on the Biggest Loser.) Following that, I moved to suspension, hanging my body weight backwards by 1 arm on a band hanging from the ceiling. (I wasn’t a fan of that one, because I was very afraid my sweaty hand would slip and I’d fall.) Then, it was lots of strength training with weighted bars and kettle bells. Followed by rowing machines, mats to do crunches where your whole body folded in half (crazy!), and then spin bikes were we had to stand and spin. (My legs were still sore from spin class on Thursday, so that was painful.) Finally, I was back at the boxing area, taking on the heavy bags.

Intro to Boxfit

Don’t worry, I did raise my arms when I actually punched the bag.

I enjoy boxing on Wii Fit, so I’m glad I got out and tried a real boxing work out. I think I’d really enjoy it (on a day when my muscles were fresh).

Here’s a picture of the whole SweetGreen group after the work out:

Intro to Boxfit Grop Photo

A huge “Thank You!” to SweetGreen for hosting another fun free work out, and to Rachel (front row, center in the picture) for managing the SweetGreen passport program in Boston!

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