Social Boston Sports – 3 Mile Run on 1/20

I’ve been busy this week, so a few posts are in the pipeline.

On Monday, my husband Dave joined me for the Social Boston Sports evening run, as part of the SBS 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Normally, he can’t attend due to time to commute from his office to Boston, but Monday was a holiday off from work, so we took the T over together.

Dave is not a runner, but the other day he said “I guess if I want to join you, I should now, since you’ll only get faster.” I held him to his word and asked him to join me for the Monday 3 mile run.

Jess was awesome and coached me & Dave through the run! I was having a good running night, until my right calf started burning for the last 1/2 mile and slowed me to a walk. Dave was having some shin pain, but he still finished the route with us!

I don’t think he’ll be back to run with me, since he was hurting afterwards. But that’s OK! I appreciate that he comes to my races to take photos of me at the start & finish.

On the T ride home, he said something that made me cry. “You know, I’m really proud of you that you’re doing this!”

For the 1st time in my life, I felt like an athlete. (I was the kid who would do anything to avoid gym class, so actually enjoying athletic activities is a revelation for me.)

Here is a picture post run of Daniella, Jess, Dave, and me:


The SBS 30 day fitness challenge ends when January does, but Jess has offered to keep running with me on Mondays. I really appreciate that, and hope to take her up on the offer. She’s a a great coach (and friend)!

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