Beantown Bootcamp

Beantown Bootcamp

Beantown Bootcamp made an awesome offer to participants in Social Boston Sports 30 Day Fitness Challenge – a free week of boot camp classes!

On Wednesday night, I joined Beantown Bootcamp for strength training. It was a tough work out, but fun.

John, the instructor for Beantown Bootcamp, was great. He took the time to show me and other 1st time attendee how to do all the exercises, and what the repetitions should be.

I rocked my Topo Athletic shirt (from trying out their shoes on SBS runs) and was amused to see 2 other people in the class wearing a Topo Athletic shirt as well. (They demoed their shoes at previous Beantown Bootcamp sessions, but I couldn’t attend due to date conflicts.)

There was a lot of leg and arm work. I definitely felt sore in the hours/days after the work out, but it was still worth it.

Unfortunately, my schedule is a bit nutty, so I can only fit in one class this week, but I’m glad I attended.

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