Social Boston Sports 30 Day Fitness Challenge

As you may have noticed, I really like group fitness activity. It keeps me accountable to show up at a certain date/time.

Social Boston Sports has social down to a science. I’ve participated in 2 “Fit Leagues” (a boot camp type program), Softball league, and a “Saved by the Boat” 90s themed cruise, all through SBS.

I’ve also made some great friends through SBS, including Jess, who showed up to help me get through the running challenge on Monday.

The SBS 30 Day Fitness Challenge is for the month of January.

“The goal of the 30-Day Challenge is to inspire. We want to inspire YOU. We want YOU to inspire your friends.  It’s all about our community living healthier lives and choosing to be better! To do this, we’ve come up with a unique challenge where you can earn points by completing various workouts. In the process of bettering yourself, you’re also competing to win a pair of Topo Athletic Shoes from their February 2014 collection!”

You earn points towards prizes for running every Monday on group runs, running on your own during the week, & attending Beantown Bootcamp workout sessions.

Last night, Jess & Alan joined me for the SBS group run and coached us through 4 miles. (We intended to run the 3 mile route, but the leader got too far ahead, so we made our own 4 mile route.) Jess & Alan are the same friends who were waiting for me near the finish line of the Frozen 5K on Sunday.

My 2 friends coached me, and 2 other slow female runners.  Jess had me running intervals. They also made sure we didn’t get lost despite losing the leader due to our walk/run pace.

It was a cold, but beautiful night for running. We started on Boylston Street, took the Mass Ave bridge, headed to the Longfellow Bridge, then took a footbridge near Charles MGH – that lead towards the Hatch Shell, Fiedler Footbridge, and passed the entrance to the public garden on our way back to Boylston Street.

Here’s a picture taken by another runner of the view over the icy Charles river from the run.


I wish my GPS watch were working, but it couldn’t find a signal while I was running, so I don’t have a record for my pace. Hopefully it will find a signal next week without problems.

I’m looking forward to future group runs with SBS and the Beantown Bootcamp sessions. There’s no fee to join the Monday night group runs (3, 5, or 7 mile routes) so let me know if you want to join us. I’ll even get points for bringing in a new runner!

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