Frozen 5K

I ran the South Shore YMCA “Frozen 5K” in Quincy this morning.

Well, “ran” is probably a little kind. My legs were still burning from November Project on New Year’s Day, so I walked most of the course.

Here’s my pre-race photo, kindly taken by my husband:
ImageNow, I was OK with not setting a personal record with this race. I was proud of myself for pushing through sore legs to be out there, and it gave me a fun way to test out the GPS watch I got as a Christmas present.

Then, as I neared the finish line, I was shocked to see a friend & an acquaintance waiting for me, to help me run the last few tenths of a mile left in the race. Jess & Alan finished the race long before me, but there they were, ready to help me finish strong!


I nearly cried tears of joy, but I didn’t want to have 2 race finishes in a row where I was crying at the finish line. My husband was waiting near the finish line too, camera ready, to capture the picture above.

When I thanked Jess on Facebook and called her an “actual runner” in the photo description, she replied: “You laced up your sneakers and pounded pavement today, Danielle! Like it or not, you are an ‘actual’ runner yourself! <3”

I’m very lucky to have great support on my journey to improve my fitness level.

I’ll see Jess again tomorrow night for Social Boston Sports 3 mile run, and I hope to see Alan again at another November Project work out (when I have a day off from work).

My husband is always wonderfully encouraging.

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