Shoveling Snow Is Like Weight Lifting

The snow storm that was forecast for this weekend in MA dumped the predicted 8+ inches of snow. 

My husband & I ended up spending Saturday night in Lowell, MA at my brother’s apartment. We’d gone to the Mythbusters Live show earlier in the night, but when the show got out around 11 PM, the roads were not clear enough to drive home safely.

Our Sunday morning started with shoveling in Lowell, so we could get our car out of the driveway and head home. The snow there wasn’t too hard to lift, mostly fluffy.

We stopped at my parents’ house in Peabody on the way home to help my Dad with shoveling. Evidently after the snow, there was rain in Peabody, so the snow there was heavy, wet, slush.

At dinner on Saturday night, my brother suggested that I try weight lifting and that I’d probably like it. I don’t think the snow shoveling on Sunday is what he had in mind, but my arms are sore today, so I’m counting it as a workout.


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