Working Out Can Be Fun! Ice Skating with Yelp Boston


On Wednesday night, my husband & I went ice skating at Community Skating in Kendall Square as part of Yelp Boston’s Free Skate event.

I haven’t been ice skating in years, but I had fun! I wore a helmet (due to a fear of falling). I didn’t need the helmet, but I was glad I wore it. I have no illusions of gracefulness. I’m a klutz!

I wouldn’t have thought to go ice skating this winter if it weren’t for Yelp Boston setting up this fun night out. The Community Manager for Yelp Boston, Damien, was taking pictures, and I’m sure he has some funny ones of me looking terrified. (But really, I DID have fun!)

I earned 5 Weight Watchers activity points on Wednesday – from a 2 mile walk during my lunch break, ice skating, and a walk to a restaurant for dinner & back home. My husband joked that my fear of falling may have actually earned more activity points for me, since it takes a lot more effort to move when you’re scared, than when you’re gracefully floating around the ice.

I’m glad I got past the fear and made some laps around the rink.


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