Activity Tracking

For about a year now, I’ve worn Weight Watchers Active Link every day to monitor my movement.


What is Active Link?

Weight Watchers describes it as:

“ActiveLink is an integrated activity experience consisting of a monitor, a personalized website, and tips and motivation brought to you by the experts at Weight Watchers and Philips. You wear the small ActiveLink monitor in your pocket or clipped to your clothes, and it tracks all of your activity throughout the day., Whether you’re walking the the dog or working out at the gym, ActiveLink will let you know how many activity PointsPlus values you’re earning. The personalized site creates an activity goal for you, and provides information and motivation to help you achieve your goal over a 12-week period. And when you reach one goal, it will help you set, and reach, another. ActiveLink challenges you to move more in all aspects of your life, not just through sports or set workouts. In order to sign up for an ActiveLink subscription, you must have a WeightWatchers eTools , Weight Watchers Online or Monthly Pass subscription. Those subscribers who sign up for ActiveLink can sync the monitor with their accounts, and their activity PointsPlus values will be uploaded into the Plan Manager. (You’ll still be able to swap or not swap Activity PointsPlus values for food in the same way.)”

I adore my Active Link. It has definitely motivated me to incorporate more activity in my days, and made me realize I’m getting in activity, when I wouldn’t normally think I was (12+ hours on my feet staffing a fundraising event for my work, for example).

I also like the light system of feedback for where you are in relation to your fitness goals. As you can see in the picture above, the green lights light up when you place the Active Link on a flat surface. If they reach 100%, you’ve hit your personal fitness goal for the day (set on your Weight Active Link page). If you still need activity to get to the goal, the light will flash.

When you reach your activity goal for the day, all the lights flash, in what I’ve nicknamed the “happy dance.” It’s often directly followed by my own happy dance.

My current Active Link goal is to get in 2 activity points a day. For me, that’s roughly equivalent to walking 4 miles.

How do you track your activity level? What’s your favorite tool?


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