Wii Fit Needs a Better Attitude!



It happened on Monday. My Wii Fit called me fat! I wanted to throw it out the window instead of playing the game to get activity in that day.

Wii Fit is a video game for the Wii which you use your body as a controller, playing balance games, cardio, strength training, and yoga.

To begin the game, you step on the balance board (pictured above at the bottom of the picture) to take a “body test”. In addition to tracking your movement, the balance board is also a scale. Even though I have my Wii Fit set to show my BMI instead of my weight in pounds, the cheery little Wii Fit trainer voice told me after I took the “body tests” that “You’re Overweight!”.

To be fair to the Wii Fit, the last time I played the game I was at goal weight thanks to Weight Watchers. It has no idea that I’ve lost 25 pounds this year. It just knows that I’m over 25 pounds heavier than I was the last time I played. But, knowing that didn’t make hearing “you’re overweight” hurt any less.

I know I need to lose weight, and I’m working on that, in a healthy way. I don’t need you to shout that news at me.

Maybe that has something to do with why I hadn’t played Wii Fit in over 1,000 days (as it also informed me on Monday, but that was only text on the screen, not spoken).

Wii Fit, hasn’t anyone told you that positive reinforcement works better than negative? Do you really need to ask me after a balance test if I “often trip over my feet”?!

Wii Fit’s good for a rainy day, and I like the boxing game for a stress reliever, but Monday’s experience isn’t exactly making me excited to get in another work out session with Wii Fit in the near future.


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